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Text Banking


Send us a text message and get your balance in seconds.

Text Banking gives you your account information at your fingertips. It’s the fast and easy way to request information about your accounts.      

  • Check balances on your checking, savings and credit card accounts 
  • Up-to-date transaction information for all eligible accounts helps you stay on top of your finances
  • Keep track of deposits and Automatic Savings Transfers 

How To Enroll

  • Step 1: Log into your Online Banking account and click on TXT Banking.
  • Step 2: Follow the prompts to register your phone # and cell phone carrier.
  • Not an Online Banking user? Enroll Now
To use Txt Banking, send a message to from your cell phone.

Message Examples:
To receive your deposit balances (if your PIN is 1234) send: BAL 1234
To receive your history for type S8 account (if your PIN is 1234) send: HIS 1234 S8

To Receive
Send This Text Message*
Account Balance BAL [your pin]
Account History HIS [your pin] [optional type]
Loan Balance LBAL [your pin] [loan number]
Loan History LHIS [your pin] [loan number]
Account Type List ACC [your pin]
Loan List LOA [your pin]
Check Clearing CHK [your pin] [check number] [optional type]
PIN Change PIN [your pin] [new pin]
Transfer of Funds TRN [your pin] [from type] [to type] [amount]
Payment on Loan PMT [your pin] [from type] [to loan number] [amount]
Set Default Account Type SET [your pin] [account type]
HELP followed by any code HELP [ACC] [HIS] [LOA] [CHK] [PIN] [ACCL] [LOAL] [TRN] [SET] or [PMT]

* Legend

  • account type - The account type you would like to use.
  • amount - The dollar amount of the transfer or payment.
  • check number - The check number you would like to search for.
  • from type - Your account type used for the source of funds for your payment or transfer.
  • loan number - Your loan number you would like to query against.
  • new pin - Your new access pin you would like to use.
  • optional type - By default your message will use the default account type. Include an account type here when you would like to use a different account type.
  • to loan number - Your loan number you would like to make a payment to.
  • to type - Your account type you would like to transfer funds to.
  • your pin - Your current access pin.
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