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E-Statements provide electronic access to your monthly account statements.  Why wait for your account statements to come in the mail when you can have immediate access with E-Statements?   It's a quick, secure and convenient way to review all your NWCCU account activity.

They are only accessed online via your NWCCU online account access. Not signed up? 

E-Statement Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are E-Statements?
A: The electronic delivery of your account statement. E-Statements are accessed on-line via your Internet connection through NWCCU online account access, and may be saved or printed at your location.

Q: How do I sign up for E-Statements?
A: You must first enroll in our online banking program. Once you have online banking access, you can enroll for E-Statements online. You will receive an email notification when your statement is ready to be viewed through your NWCCU online account.

Q: Can I view my E-Statement anytime?
A: Yes.  Once you have logged in to online banking, simply clicking on "E-Statement" located on the side menu bar.

Q: Do I need a separate ID and password to access my E-Statements?
A: No, once you have logged in to online banking, you simply click on "E-Statement" located on the side menu bar.

Q: What happens after I sign up?
A: You will be sent an e-mail monthly notifying you that your E-Statement is ready for viewing.

Q: Is there a charge for my E-Statement?
A: No, E-Statements are free.

Q: Will I still receive a printed statement by U.S. Mail?
A: No, paper statements will no longer be mailed, although you may receive one or two paper statements after you sign up for E-statements.

Q: How often is my E-Statement delivered?
A: Monthly. Your statement will be available usually within the first two business days of the month. If there is no activity on your account(s), you will receive E-statements quarterly.

Q: How do I know when to look for my E-Statement?
A: You will be sent an e-mail notifying you of its availability.

Q: What if I change my e-mail address?
A: After you are logged into your NWCCU online account, select manage 'My e-mail information' under member settings.

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